Property Inspection

For Homes, Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Trained to be the Best

The BrickKicker is a professional property inspector, committed to understanding and meeting our customer needs while exceeding industry and community expectations. We will conduct our business with the highest degree of integrity, courtesy and expertise. Our service will produce a thorough, accurate and unbiased assessment of property condition.

With the rapid growth of property inspections over the past fifteen years, many individuals have entered the industry to exploit the profits, but have neglected the investment of professional training. Subsequently, there have been numerous critics eager to expose the shortcomings of those without proper qualifications or credentials. Now, more than ever, as our industry matures and the general public carries increased expectations, home inspectors are called to go beyond minimum standards of practical experience by elevating their skills with a training curricula supported by dynamic classroom interaction, hands-on lab and field-tested exposure.

The BrickKicker training program offers a proven, trusted standard of quality that is accepted and acknowledged by major industry associations and many practicing experts. To provide each franchisee with a distinguished credential, we have established our own training entity, the Inspection Technology Institute (ITI). Each BrickKicker franchisee receives classroom instruction, lab experience and field exposure … all sourced from seasoned industry professionals and accomplished instructors.

The classroom course is geared toward challenging The BrickKicker franchisee to secure a technical competence in areas such as: structural, framing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems along with a variety of interior and exterior incidentals. Additionally, client interaction and effective report-writing skills are repeatedly role-played. Our lab training session is arguably the most unique of its kind. Trainees participate in demonstration sessions on HVAC systems at our state of the art facility. We'll fire up multiple mechanical units from different manufacturers and explore issues from the fundamentals of unit operation to analyzing the cause/effect of flame-pattern behavior.

Although these activities exceed most training experiences, our school extends above and beyond the classroom/lab environment by engaging each BrickKicker franchisee in 'live' inspections performed by our seasoned staff. We believe on-site, hands-on training is an invaluable experience that helps them embrace the skills of establishing rapport with the buyer & realtor, properly convey information that educates and informs the client while distinguishing the difference between general maintenance issues vs. qualified reportable defects.

Upon successfully completing the course curricula, we administer a challenging examination designed to assess mastery of all aspects of the course. Each BrickKicker receives the Residential Building Consultant (RBC) credential. This designation is exclusive to members of The BrickKicker team. When you see the RBC acronym you know your BrickKicker is a studied, competent inspector . . . ready to help protect your clients' investment.

Furthermore, we realize the importance of monitoring critical developments in the industry, along with rising issues that concern our clients. In response, our support staff consistently provides cutting-edge information to each franchisee. Attendance at our annual National Conferences keeps them focused on, and in tune with, industry changes. This recurrent training enables our inspectors to polish their skills and gives them the opportunity to build proficiency.

The BrickKicker inspectors are among the best in the industry. We qualify each franchisee in a variety of ways, and spend hours preparing them to become a working partner you can rely on. Most importantly, you can be assured they will offer the level of professional service your clients deserve. We invite you to consider The BrickKicker nearest you for your home inspection needs … because now more than ever, they're ready, trained and prepared to bring you The Home Inspection America Trusts.